About Us

CAMP©-Children As Media Producers is a Participatory Media initiative of the Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad.

Among other things, the basic premises of CAMP include:
· Children must be seen as producers and contributors of information and not only as consumers.
· Community media can play an important role in strengthening cultural rights, and in particular, the rights of linguistic and cultural minorities, and indigenous peoples by providing access to the means of communication.
· Access to the means of communication must be supplemented by education and training to assist a critical understanding of the media and to enable children to develop their media and communication skills.



· To identify the latent communication abilities of school-going children;
· To encourage adolescent children to participate actively in the mapping of issues related to health, nutrition, education, water and sanitation etc. ;
· To enable children to enter into a dialogue with various sections of the community in addressing the above problems;
· To build the capacities of school-going children to report, document, disseminate, and monitor various issues affecting them;
· To impart training to young boys and girls in media production so they grow to be informed citizens.

The Department of Communication seeks to use the power of video for social change. CAMP works closely with the Unesco Chair on Community Media, established at the department.

It works with agencies on projects that aim at building human capacities in participatory video production and in turn network with social movements & campaigns that believe in using ICTs for action.

Through projects that it engages in with its partners it aims at demystifiying technologies & form a network of media activitists.